Purple Gas Ale

Purple Gas Ale

So next up is Big Rock Brewery’s Purple Gas Ale which is part of The Swinger Pack. Now, all of this talk of Purple Gas had me wondering if it really was a purple beer. The short answer is no. The beer poured from the can with a real short head and more fizz than expected. The color was a nice brown/gold color with just a tint of purple. Why is it purple you may be wondering, it’s the Saskatoon Berries. Well, now you may be wondering what in the heck is a Saska-whatever Berry. If you are from Western Canada or the Northwestern United States you may have had these tasty little berries at one time or another. If you have never had them or seen them they are similar to a blueberry in looks. One of  the other stand out ingredients here is agave nectar, it’s a little out of the box and I have to say a great combination that probably has never crossed anyone’s mind before.


So now for the really important stuff; the taste.The carbonation was noticeably different on the pour as I said earlier with this my taste buds all worked up and wondering what’s in store for them. Well, first, on the nose, there was hardly any real strong smell. There is a very slight fruity note and nice mellow malty sweetness. So, I have a sip…wow, very different. I have to have another taste to get the flavor to really sink in. The slight sweetness of the agave nectar and the malts are tasted first. Shortly after that there is a tingle on your tongue from the carbonation and then a clean and very mild hoppy finish. Now to be clear the carbonation bubbles seemed bigger and aggressive, more like a glass of a carbonated water or soda but did not leave me bloated or burping.


So, in full disclosure, I am not a fruit beer kind of guy. However, Purple Gas Ale may have changed that. I found it to be very refreshing and very tasty. This is something that would go down extremely well sitting on a patio or at a bar-b-cue. It is light tasting and refreshing even at 5.2% abv. Now lets hope for some patio weather so we can enjoy it like that.


Now for the bad news, there isn’t much of this stuff to go around. Due to the nature of the ingredients, they are very seasonal and limited. We can only hope that this with be something that comes back year after year if only for a little while. Give it a try if you can and let us know what you think.






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