Midtown Kitchen & Bar in Calgary


2013-09-27 12.47.20

Midtown Kitchen & Bar in Calgary’s Kensington is a welcome addition to this upbeat and trendy neighborhood. I had the opportunity to go down to Midtown and chat with co-owner Ric Cutillo about what makes his restaurant stand out from the rest.

Ric, a chef by trade, Level 2 Sommelier and Certified Beer Server, really seems to know what people are looking for. When in the planning stages they had to come up with a beer list and decide what they were going to carry. Ric, while not a hardcore beer guy, knew that craft beer was not a simple trend but a powerhouse that will continue on. He went out on a limb and convinced his partner to go only with craft beer and snub the big guys. The big guys give deals, buy stuff for the bar, provide prizes for giveaways and people know these brands. Today, the big guys still come knocking and asking if they can get some beer on Midtowns 12 taps and they can easily say no. With Midtown Kitchen’s focus on craft beer and local food, they have won over locals with a great beer line-up and delicious food. If you are into good wine and fine spirits, no worries, you’ll find a great drink too.

2013-09-27 12.44.00-1The food is sourced local whenever possible; from the bread products baked down the street or the Alberta beef and veggies from the local farmers market. People are seeking out local products and want to know about what they are eating and drinking. It’s easy to see why people are loving this place. My Midtown Burger was up there with the best burger I have ever had!

Ric is growing his appreciation for beer and trying lots of types and styles to find out what to carry next. He constantly reaches out to beer guys get new ideas of product to carry. Seasonal and new beers are often rotated in, whether it’s summer or Oktoberfest; Midtown Kitchen & Bar aims to be relevant and stay current. His eyes are now on becoming a Cicerone, an equivalent to Sommelier, to boost the credentials of himself and his staff.

Midtown Kitchen & Bar is located at 302 10th Street NW, Calgary. Visit their website to view the food and drink menu at www.midtownkitchen.com or call (403) 474-2555 to make reservations.