Girls Brew Too!

Hey, Ladies!  If you haven’t found a beer out there you like… Make one yourself!

By Angel Rayford │Home Brewer and Beer Enthusiast of GirlsBrewToo

GirlsBrewTooExperimenting with brewing beer as a woman, I have found, is like making love. The first time you let the guy do all the work; it’s a bit messy, confusing, and not sure what any of the maneuvers you’re doing are called. But as time flies, you are on your fifth or sixth batch; you’re working the hell out of that brew and making it say your name. You know what wort is, temperature control and how to sanitize your equipment properly. Heck you’ve gotten so good, you’re even making the Dos Equis guy blush!

If you are feeling intimidated you must understand that brewing is a science and an art form. It ain’t called craft beer for nothing.  The best way to start brewing is to take a home brewing class. Home brewing classes are fun and will offer a lot of inspiration. You will meet a lot of beer enthusiast and very patient instructors. Mostly because they’ve probably had a few brews before class. They also love having ladies present in these classes.  Take the class more than once to get comfortable with the process and introduce yourself to the community.  Being part of the beer community will allow you to evolve your beer palate and have friends that can help you on your brewing journey.

In the home brew kit you will find the basic supplies you need to make a brew.  The good news is there is box for every style of brew you may like: stout, porter, pale ale…etc. The bad news is that it is very basic and can be a bit boring.  Once you have gotten comfortable with the home brew kit, you can begin to get creative, adding spices, fruits, and candies.

Don’t be afraid of a few failed attempts. Not every brew comes out perfect, but that’s the fun part! Turn failure into triumph. The first time I tried to make a brew alone it was terrible. My friends couldn’t look me in the eye when I served it to them.  Luckily, I had written down every measurement and found where I went wrong. The next time they came around all got drunk off the newly improved brew and cheered to my success.

So put on you big girl panties and get to work!  We can’t let guys have all the fun.

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