Erratic Stone-Fired Ale

Erractic Stone-Fired 005_EDIT

Another new beer from Big Rock Brewery. This one is the Erratic Stone-Fired Ale…the wort is boiled using only superheated rocks, no direct fire at all. I bought 2 bottles of the 3300 bottle that were brewed. I am the proud owner of bottle #1584 and #1993 as the hand numbered caps display below.

The brewmaster seemed so excited by this beer that I could not resist! It is in the fridge chilling at the moment, hopefully I’ll have a taste later this evening. If you would like to know more check out the video that Big Rock posted here: Erratic Stone-Fired Ale

Please note that it may seem that I am partial to Big Rock beer, but that is really not the case. They just happen to have released a few new beers in the last couple of weeks and the brewery is a short drive away. As long as there are new, great tasting beer coming from them, I will continue to write about it.

I will be posting a review of this brew soon. In the meantime, try to track down a bottle if you can. Just note, this is not cheap ale by any means. I believe it was $27 for a 750ml bottle.



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