Casks For A Cause 2015

Casks For A Cause 2015

As we approach our second Cask For A Cause event it really hits me just how amazing the beer community really is. After last years amazing event, we knew that another event was going to have to happen. So, here we are! On November 19th, 2015 14 casks are coming to Pig & Duke Downtown Pub in Calgary for Casks For A Cause 2015.

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The Cause

In case you are not aware of our event, lets look why we exist and who we help. We exist because a friend of mine started a fantastic not-for-profit called Give A Mile, I’ll let Kevin tell you in his own words:


With so many people needing help and so many others helping…I felt the need to help as well. The amount I could help on my own would be somewhat small and I wanted to do way more than that. So last year I fired off emails to some breweries and hoped to get 3 or 4 of the 15 breweries to help and have a small event at the Pig & Duke Pub. Well, eleven breweries were in! So now what? Well, I went back to Pig & Duke and asked if I would be able to take over the entire pub for a charity event. The answer from them was also a huge yes followed directly with how else can we help! Then ATB Agriculture, who help to finance farmers (who make barley, which is then turned to beer after it’s malted, milled, boiled and fermented), stepped up to help with our other costs such as custom glassware. Now we had an event! The final piece of the puzzle was the good folks over at helped out with out ticketing for the event. It’s is pretty amazing to see people rally around this event and support us!

It was a lot of work, my first ever event and most importantly – we raised $12,000 and 125,000 Aeroplan Travel Miles to help out lots of people! Everyone I have already mentioned helped us out a great deal but what would a cask event be without the breweries! Please check out the list of breweries that are coming out this year.

The Beer!

The breweries who have generously donated casks are (in no particular order):

Great Beer for a Great Cause

Great Beer for a Great Cause







Our event is fortunate enough to have all of these fantastic sponsors! Everything has been donated; the pub, the beer, the glassware, the food, the tickets and all of the man-hours were also donated. This means that every cent from your ticket goes directly to Give A Mile!

How You Can Help

So come out and drink some beer, have fun and help Give A Mile with their Christmas Campaign. We are happy to be part of Give A Mile’s goal to give 25 flights to connect loved ones dealing with palliative/life threatening illness this holiday season

You can help by buying a ticket to our event here or donate Aeroplan miles to our campaign here. Of course you can give miles, money or time to Give A Mile at anytime by visiting their website.

I hope to see you out at our event! If you see me there be sure to say hello.




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Casks For A Cause supports Give A Mile in their efforts to unite friends and loved ones dealing with palliative/life threatening illnesses