Blue Moon is throwing a tantrum and demanding respect. When was the last time someone that you know went around demanding respect and actually got some? Well, I’ve known people who have tried to demand respect and it has never really worked out that well for them. In a recent article, that can be found here, the folks that make Blue Moon are upset that craft beer brewers and so called ‘beer snobs’ aren’t giving them the respect that they deserve.

I recently wrote an article about what defines a craft brewer and you can see that here, . There are three basic things that will define a Craft Brewer; Ownership, Volume of Production and the ingredients used. When a brewery is owned by MillerCoors it breaks the ownership rules to qualify to be a craft brewer or to make craft beer according to the Brewers Association. They sell a lot of Blue Moon so I am going to say that that they are most likely producing way more than the limits that the Brewers Association has set.

I am never going to argue that Blue Moon is not successful or that it is bad beer. I have had more than one Blue Moon in my lifetime and probably will have another at some point; usually when I find myself in a bar that serves primarily watery, pale, tasteless beer and my options are limited. That is not to say that I won’t enjoy it, but I would rather support smaller breweries and the passionate folks that really craft beer. There are several laws and challenges that small brewers face just to get their beer to market, never mind to find success. So when a brewer that has a huge budget to promote their beer and an equally huge distribution network, they are not on the same level and their success cannot be compared to any true craft beer or craft beer brewer because of that.

LeftCoastUnaMAsThere are many Craft Beer Imposters out there. Here is another story that I did on that subject, I always thought that it was a bad thing and it made me a little upset whenever I seen these beers out there. That was until I was at a local beer festival and was talking to a brewmaster about these imposters and he said something that changed the way I think. Now mind you he was talking about Molson Canadian Wheat beer here, not a brand that was all dressed up to try to look like a craft beer. He basically said that he doesn’t mind the big guys trying to brew a beer like that because the more people that try it the better, the more people that realize that beer can have so much flavor the better. Since these mass market beers have a large audience, he seen that is a good thing for him and the beer he brewed because it will get people to open their minds and their taste buds to new beer and new beer experiences.

Craft beer sales are on the rise, there is no arguing that fact. It is my belief that the big guys see that and are not wanting to lose market share so they are doing what they can to market beer as craft beer in order to keep their market share. I understand it from a business perspective, but why are they resistant to show who they really are on the label? I believe that they know the average person that drinks craft beer is trying to avoid them and I think that they know that too.

I will never tell anyone to not drink a beer that they enjoy and I hope that you really love the beer that you drink. I just wish that breweries were open and honest about who they are and what beer they are making. Hiding behind a nicely designed label, calling yourself a craft beer and demanding respect won’t get you far in my books.

Tell me what you think.