About Us

About Us

Striving to be Your Craft Beer Authority

Launched on March 31st 2013, we look to bring craft beer industry news, events and beer to you.We are heavily engaged in social media, please follow us for more updates, news and pictures.


Thanks for wanting to find out a little more about us! There is a growing love and passion for Craft Beer all around the world. There looked to be a lack of information, so we thought that this was the time to share in the love of craft beer with you by launching Craft Beer Journal.

We are currently looking for guest bloggers to write about craft beer; your love of it, a particular brewery, a brewery tour you recently went on, a recently released craft beer – anything craft beer related. Please click on the Contact Us tab on the top of the page.

Our Main Guy

Steve CarltonMost of our stories here, on Craft Beer Journal, are by , Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, and his information can be found here.


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