Paradox Dark Light Ale

A True Paradox

 Big Rock Brewery Paradox Dark Light Ale

Paradox Dark Light Ale

Big Rock Paradox Dark Light Ale

Big Rock Brewery’s Paradox Dark Light Ale…It really is quite the paradox! Well, first, let’s talk about what a paradox is; By definition it is basically a self-contradictory statement that is later found to be proven or true. So when Big Rock Brewery called one of their newest additions Paradox Dark Ale, you have to wonder how dark and light can really be used to describe a beer.

When I found out that there is a dark, full flavored light beer at just 3.75% alc./vol it really sounded too good to be true. So of course I had to go out and get some! I was excited to taste it and not really sure of what to expect. Usually when you think of light beer you are think a very pale blonde, somewhat watery tasting, substance that is sold in every bar and advertised during every sporting event. So my taste buds were a little confused while I was preparing for my first taste. So I poured the can into a glass and it had a big white head sitting on top of a beautiful brownish black body. I didn’t wait long to get a taste, within a few seconds I had a sip.

My first thoughts were that there was a malty taste up front. That maltiness faded quickly to a crisp clean hoppy finish. It took a while for it to sink in, but this light beer is tasty!

I can see this beer becoming a big hit over the spring and summer months. I have heard that Big Rock is looking for a good result on this release and if they get those results Paradox Dark Light Ale will be in the permanent line up. I hope that you are able get out and try one.



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Big Rock Brewery Paradox Dark Light Ale
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