Rusty Tractor Weizenbock

Fernie 018
Fernie 022So today I went out and bought a few new beers to try out. First up this evening is Fernie Brewing Co. Rusty Tractor Weizenbock.

It pours a burnt orange brown color with a thin fluffy head that dissipates quickly. It is cloudy as one would expect for a unfiltered weise type of beer.

Now for the much anticipated taste; the banana hits you first, then some alcohol. After that the malts come though and goes to a quick, dry hoppy finish that leaves very little after taste. I am not huge fan of weisse beer and the banana taste. However, this beer grows on you as you go and I would love to try it on tap and see how that goes. I would buy it again, it’s a nice beer for a cool night out. On the nose you get that classic weisse beer banana aroma and with the malts coming in it is almost like banana bread and some spice with some earthy aromas.

Have you tried a Rusty Tractor? If so, let us know your thoughts.