Mill Street Brewery’s Vanilla Porter

I’m a little overdue with writing this article, but hey, better later than never, right?

VP CansIn the spring of 2013, I was going through the extensive beer list at Craft Beer Market when I came across a porter which has since completely swept me off my feet! As a beer drinker for 20 years or so (basically my entire adult life) and recently being more adventurous with craft beer, that day I experienced something I have never had before.

This is a dark colored porter with very creamy tan head, which has a thick look as it sits in a pint glass, but as you drink it, the perfect amount of vanilla provides you with an easy and extremely enjoyable drink. You’ll not only have a vanilla explosion in your mouth, but the roasted malts added during the brewery process make it a really great combination of flavors! They reportedly use cold pressed vanilla which produces over 200 individual flavor notes compared to the normal hot pressed vanilla which only provides around 50 flavor notes.

If you have had this porter before, by now I’m sure that you know exactly which one I’m talking about. However if you haven’t, you have to try Mill Street Brewery’s Vanilla Porter!

ms CBM dinner


To my surprise, this porter had already been on the market for approximately 4 years and I couldn’t believe that only now I was getting to taste this masterpiece. Our colleagues at Mill Street had been working on adding the nitrogen (beer gas) portion of it, which gives its creaminess, into a can. The only existing technique to do this was owned by the largest black stout producer in the world these days, so up to the Fall of 2013

MS Vanilla Porter was only available on tap. They have used a different technology that puts the beer gas in a bladder at the bottom of the can that charges the porter once you open the can so that you can enjoy this creamy goodness at home.

MSVP at HomeSo luckily for me, and for all of us who already enjoy this porter, we can now find it at stores throughout Ontario and Alberta. As part of promoting this big step for Vanilla Porter, Mill Street teamed up with Craft Beer Market in Calgary and put together an incredible evening back in November, full of delicious appetizers paired with Vanilla Porter and some of Mill Street Brewery’s other beers as well.

At the event, Joel Manning, brewmaster at Mill Street Brewery, joined us and spoke about their porter and their Brewery, he knows so much about beer in general as well and it was a pleasure to listen to his words of wisdom. Throughout the evening, he hung out and talk to everybody, and I just had to meet him! So, I walked over and the first thing I said to him was: “So, are you THE GUY who created the vanilla porter?” and he exclaimed, “Yes!” and I then said, “I love you man!”. We had a good laugh and got to have a one on one chat about what their vanilla porter has accomplished so far in market. It turns out that they had to expand production to accommodate the growing demands for this great beer as it reaches more and more consumers across Alberta and the country. This seasonal brew may become a year round brew due to the high demand for the product.

A huge thanks to Craft Beer Market for inviting us to such a pleasant event and to Mill Street Brewery for making Vanilla Porter more accessible!! I will for sure keep enjoying a pint of it when I’m out, but at the same time I’m very happy to be able to enjoy it in the comfort of my home.

Don’t miss out, go out and grab some Vanilla Porter today! Try it with some appetizers, cook a delicious meal with it or enjoy it with your favorite desert….trust me, you won’t regret!