MidYear_LRThe Brewers Association reports continued growth for U.S. Craft Brewers. Amid the talk on social media regarding the, so called, craft beer bubble, this news is no real surprise to me but maybe it will quash the ridiculous rumors. Where do rumors like that come from anyway?

I have my suspicions that is has to do with the pale, watery beer people but that is just my best guess. Perhaps after you see the stats on the growth of craft beer in the U.S. you    might just agree with me. After all the the little tiny bit of market share that these craft brewers had is starting to get bigger at a very fast pace.  Steady growth at a fast pace doesn’t seem to be any sort of fluke or an anomaly of any kind. With more and more people realizing that quality matters and paying a little more to get a quality product that tastes great it’s no wonder craft beer is on the rise. There is impressive work being done by brewers and it is great to see a revival of beer; Great tasting, flavorful beer that is.

Now lets have a look at the number of craft brewers is the U.S.. If you notice the image to the right, it shows a very high numbers of breweries back in the 1880′s and we have just caught back up and crossed that threshold to have the most breweries even in the U.S. thanks to all of those craft brewers out there.

You can see that there was a fairly sharp, steady decline leading up to prohibition and then a huge gap during prohibition. No big surprise there, right? Now comes the period after prohibition and the long, slow decline of the number of breweries. Obviously, the taste and need for beer was probably low after such a long period of time being dry or at least having to drink illegally. The brewers slowly dwindled all the way down to only 89 in the late 70′s. It took about 90 years to hit the bottom and it has only been about 35 years to reach a new high! It’s very exciting and it makes me look forward to all of the great beer that has yet to be developed. This growth has one big side effect, jobs, lots of jobs! The Brewers Association reports that  ”Craft brewers currently employ an estimated 108,440 full-time and part-time workers, many of which are manufacturing jobs, contributing significantly to the U.S. economy.” A huge increase in well paying jobs in a time of high unemployment.

126-Brewery-Count-LRIf you haven’t tried a craft beer beer yet, get out there and try a few. You may not love every single beer that you try, but you will find many that you love after a little research and taste testing. The ingredients are high quality, there is always flavor, many, many flavors and styles to try. Drink more craft beer and help create more jobs!

Click on the link below to see the article from the Brewers Association:

Brewers Association | Brewers Association Reports Continued Growth for U.S. Craft Brewers.