Attila the Honey Ale

Next up is a seasonal offering from Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. called Attila the Honey. It pours a clear, dark copper, amber color and looks great. On the noise there are no big aromas that scream out but some subtle notes are there. I picked up some earthy, nutty aromas with a very slight honey, malty sweetness with a floral hint. Again, nothing big, but it is pleasant on the nose.

Now for the taste…first I was surprised by how subtle the honey was; perhaps too subtle. There is a nice malty flavor and a great balance of hops. There is very little aftertaste and just that hint of honey. When there is honey in the title of a beer though, I expect more of that wonderful honey flavor, not necessarily the sweetness though.

Over all I really enjoyed this ale and would gladly buy it again. This seems to be a beer that would be great at any BBQ.

Go out and grab one of these seasonal brews before they are gone.