Monthly archives: April, 2013

Erratic Stone-Fired Ale

Another new beer from Big Rock Brewery. This one is the Erratic Stone-Fired…

Minhas Brewery Tour

Over the weekend my wife and I went for a brewery tour at Minhas…

Purple Gas Ale

So next up is Big Rock Brewery’s Purple Gas Ale which is part…

Paradox Dark Light Ale

A True Paradox

When I found out that there is a dark, full flavored light beer at just 3.75% alc./vol it really sounded too good to be true. So of course I had to go out and get some! I was excited to taste it and not really sure of what to expect. Usually when you think of light beer you are think a very pale blonde, somewhat watery tasting, substance that is sold in every bar and advertised during every sporting event.

The Swinger Pack

The Swinger Pack

So today I picked up a fifteen pack from Big Rock…

Craft Beer Imposters

Like I was talking in my other post, the big guys keep disguising a few brands as craft beer….